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Hey whalefam; this is just a combination of all the hold-to-play roles in one place rather than having them in different posts. Each one is sectioned accordingly:
1) Dolphin,
2) Shark,
4)Whale-DAO, and

As of December 2020, we are now using a bot named nft42:

We are moving the way roles are applied from being in discord to onchain. This is part of the continuing process of moving as much as we can onchain.

There are a few things you will have to do to maintain your Dolphin/Shark/Whale roles. Firstly, moving your $Whale to a metamask wallet. (or any web3 should work) Direct Message(DM) the bot the following: $withdraw whale. The bot will then guide you through the process. The destination address should be the metamask or web3 wallet.

*Please note, there is a small fee attached to the withdrawal of your $Whale, this is dependent on the current gas price:

  • For anybody who has not used onchain wallets before, please also note that moving $Whale from your onchain address will require a small amount of ethereum going forward.

**Metamask wallet download: PC:



Following this, these are 5 easy steps to bind your discord and Metamask and claim back your roles:

  • 1) Type the command !verify in #bot-commands in the official whale Discord. The bot will DM you a link to click on. That link will send you to discord’s oauth2 page. This is the page that discord uses to connect your account to a bot, and will only ask you to view your discord name and profile.
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  • 2) Click “authorize” and you will be redirected to the verification page
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  • 3) You will be prompted to connect Metamask in web page, then sign message in the Metamask pop up.
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  • 4) wait until webpage tells you that you are verified
  • 5) use the command !claim rolename in the Discord to claim whichever roles you have the whale to support*.
    *if you have 800 $whale you can claim whale-whales and dolphin, or shark and dolphin, but not whale and shark because the total amount the roles cost is more than the 800 $whale you have. If you have any questions feel free to ask for help in #support
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There is even a shortcut to claim all eligible roles should you meet the requirements: !claimall
This command will assign you each role that you are eligible for. But make sure to double check, because if you meet the requirements for even one role it will put a checkmark underneath the command to assign you that one role:

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Furthermore: you can see all the roles available in the server by typing: !showroles in #bot-commands

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Welcome to HODL to Play (H2P).

For those new to the crypto scene this will be a brief explanation of how h2p works:

Following the steps below for each role will then give you said role in Discord. Afterwards, you are opened up to the respective discord channel where which you earn passive “interest” on your holdings.

H2P is restricted to the Dolphin role and above. H2P includes $WHALE Events, $WHALE games, $WHALE Poker and other opportunities to earn or win $WHALE. Why? Owning at least the Dolphin role indicates to us that you believe in the longer term vision of $WHALE, and are willing to at least HODL a token amount.

What do I need to buy crypto?
Two things; A wallet and Ethereum. We recommend Metamask to be used. This wallet can be integrated into your browser: Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and also into your mobile phone.

Ethereum can be purchased directly from Metamask via Credit Card, or you can use a secondary exchange such as Coinbase or Binance.

The end of this post has the two links required to then finish your purchase of $WHALE or $MORK


Editor’s Note: The Role Requires 15 $WHALE as of January 2021

The Dolphin role is dropped a total of 500 $WHALE per month. This, on top of, our mods and staff randomly tipping the dolphin roles. Along with event drops such as airdrops and voice chat drops*

*This applies to everyone regardless of having a role unless specified otherwise during the event.

Members can apply for the Dolphin role at any time. Dolphin role escalates by 1 $WHALE every month


Editor’s Note: The Role Requires 360 $WHALE as of January 2021

Introducing the 3rd and last hold-to-play role for the



Simply hold 340 $WHALE and get free access to all of our play to win events as well as a monthly 2,000 $WHALE ($8,000 as of current prices) Shark only airdrop.

Editor’s note: The role requirements are increased by 20 $WHALE per month.

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Art by David Loblaw,||


Conditions as of December 2020
Editor’s note:
The role requirements are increased by 50 $WHALE per month.
As of January 2021, $Whale-whale role requires 750 $WHALE.

1) Depositing 700 $WHALE in your Metamask or Roll wallet guarantees access to this exclusive channel

2) Required $WHALE holding levels to access this channel will increase by 50 WHALE per month.

3) At any point in time, if your balance dips below the required $WHALE holdings, access to #WHALE-WHALES will be restricted.

4) Contents and discussions of the #WHALE-WHALES channel should be kept as confidential as possible to maintain the exclusivity of the channel.

5) Sharing of screenshots of discussions within the channel without prior consent will result in a ban from #WHALE-WHALES.

6) Any changes to Member Benefits will be announced 3 months before change. Note that depending on the demand for $WHALE-WHALES, there is the potential of membership and benefit tier-ing in the future.

Member Benefits:

1) Guaranteed response from WhaleShark on all “@” requests for information, considerations and advice within 24 hours unless “vacation time” is notified. As I am online for a large majority of the day, most “@” will receive an immediate response.

2) Unprecedented access to the inner-workings of WhaleShark’s brain and life.

3) Real-time announcements on investment in new projects and NFTs entering The Vault.

4) MOAR $WHALE drops. Commitment of 5,000 $WHALE distribution per month to $WHALE-WHALES channel members. Drops can and will occur at anytime during the month to avoid membership sniping.

5) MOAR $WHALE Fun and Games. First look participation and earning opportunities in experimental $WHALE events.

6) Limited edition NFT and physical collectible drops and draws, including goods from $WHALE and E1337.

7) Free CV Parcel (1 parcel) or Sandbox (1 LAND) rental starting on 1/1/2021.

8) 1 month free gallery space rental in WhaleShark or The Vault owned Gallery Builds: One BC Galleries, House of (M), Scarlet Factory. Availability on a first come first reserve basis.

9) A community channel of the ultimate $WHALE fans and friends.

Community Engagement

Whale DAO

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$WHALE DAO Mechanics:
Editor’s note: The DAO role was not updated along with the other roles due to the lockup period of 6 months not ending. The team are still on track to continue this 6 month cycle and will refund your whale as promised by that time.

2,000 $WHALE will be air-dropped to these roles on a monthly basis.

1) Two DAO roles will be created: “DAO-Whale” and “DAO”

2) The “DAO-Whale” role will have the ability to make up to 2 proposals per month to be voted on, and will also have the ability to vote on active proposals.

3) The DAO role will have the ability to vote on all active proposals.

4) Upon acquisition of either of the above two roles, the “DAO” channel will automatically appear under the “WHALE Communities” category.

5) Similar to $WHALE Whales and Dolphins, the above two roles will be hold-to-play (H2P) with an enrollment period of 1 month and an overlapping lock up period of 6 months.

6) After the 1 month enrollment period, both roles will be unable to be “purchased”.

7) The staking required for the two roles are as follows:

“DAO-Whale” role: 1,000 $WHALE

“DAO” role: 500 $WHALE

8) After the first 6 month cycle, deposits will be returned to all $WHALE DAO members and the hold-to-play requirements will increase by 20% i.e. $WHALE DAO II will require 1,200 $WHALE for the “DAO-Whale” role and 600 $WHALE for the “DAO” role.

9) Commands for purchasing the roles in the #bot-commands channel after ensuring that your tipbot wallet has the sufficient balance is:

$store buy dao-whale for the DAO-Whale role


$store buy dao for the DAO role

$WHALE DAO Governance:

1) Proposals and voting will only be valid when there are over 50 participating DAO-Whales and DAOs (total).

2, The minimum votes (Yes, No, Abstain) required for a proposal to be effective is 31.

3) No member should utilize more than 1 account for voting and/ or proposal purposes. If due diligence is done and a transgression is found, the $WHALE deposited for the role will be forfeit and distributed to the remaining $WHALE DAO members.

4) No founder, administrator, moderator or affiliated partner will receive a free pass into $WHALE DAO. This is a commitment towards the long term governance and growth of the $WHALE Community.

5) 1 vote is 1 vote, no matter who or where that vote is from.

6) DAO-Whales who make proposals exceeding their monthly quota will have 3 warnings before being expelled from the DAO with their $WHALE being forfeit and distributed to the remaining $WHALE DAO members.

$WHALE DAO Topics:

1) The ultimate goal for $WHALE DAO is to have:

1a) $WHALE community governance

1b) $WHALE budgeting governance

1c) Governance and management of the usage of ETH and other cryptocurrencies in The Vault

1d) Governance and management of assets in The Vault

2) For this first iteration of $WHALE DAO, we will be focusing on the first two: Community and Budgeting governance.

3) Examples of proposals that can be voted on are as follows:

3a) Kick/ ban members from Discord

3b) Moderator/ Junior Moderator/ Advocate nominations

3c) Moderator/ Junior Moderator/ Advocate demotions

3d) $WHALE Events additions and removals

3e) $WHALE Competition proposals

3f) Changes to $WHALE monthly budgeting

1) @DAO-Whale and @DAO-Voter have an increased responsibility to participate in the governance process and will be subject to an increased number of reminders should participation levels fall short of the required votes.

2) Team $WHALE are bound to begin or fully execute on all passed proposals within a 72 hour time frame after a proposal has been successfully voted on.

3) Proposals that do not pass through either the #dao-house or #dao-senate cannot be brought up again within the calendar month, but can be proposed again in the following calendar month.

5) A reward of 30 $WHALE will be provided to non @DAO-Whale members that create proposals, are sponsored for the voting process by a @DAO-Whale and whose proposals are successfully executed by Team WHALE. [In voting process]


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Updated as of January 7th 2021

All new Hold 2 Play Roles and Liquidity Mining Incentives for the Hackatao community!

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- Earn $MORK by HODLing! -

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Requirements for receiving rewards are outlines below: MUST HODL THE RESPECTIVE AMOUNT OF MORK TO RECEIVE REWARDS.

TAO — Jan: 23 $MORK (You will receive approximately 2.3 $MORK per month) + #hackatao Channel!

HACK — Jan: 230 $MORK (You will receive approximately 23 $MORK per month) + #hackatao Channel!

MORK — Jan: 500 $MORK (You will receive approximately 50 $MORK per month) + #hackatao Channel AND chance to win a Hackatao NFT!

Role requirements increase monthly by 2.3/23/50 respectively Must HODL MORK Role for minimum 3 months to win a Hackatao NFT. First drawing in April.

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1500–1550 $MORK distributed monthly between providers that provide a minimum of $100 combined $MORK + ETH value to the pool!

Minimum requirement increases monthly by $50. Must remain above the minimum the entire month (plan for fluctuations in prices)

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- See more details regarding the NFT drawing and the Role rewards in the #mork-cafe, or reach out to @NFTcrypt0 or @Paul🐶 with any questions. Deadline to JOIN MORK Role & Liquidity Rewards in January:

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All reward mechanisms outlined above will be under trial until April 2021, and may be altered after the trial period.

Credit given to Whaleshark and Zorro for writing these posts.

Where can I buy $MORK or $WHALE?

$WHALE Uniswap

MORK Uniswap

The source for all $WHALE community news, developments, and insights into the project.

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