Welcome back to Whale Mail, edition 11. The quickest way to catch up on the happenings in the $WHALE community, and NFT space in general. From celebrity NFT drops and cameos, to Emoji contests, darkness themed artworks, and fantasy basketball — April was an action-packed month! As always, check out our page for previous editions. Let’s get started!

$WHALE Events

$WHALE Poker

Nothing in life is certain except for death, taxes and $WHALE poker three times per week! Throughout April Hold-to-Play (H2P) members battled it out for their thrice weekly shot at the 100 $WHALE bounty. …

Rudem00se and the Whale Community sat down with Steve Veerman, one of the Discord moderators for NBA Top Shot and creator of the Intangibles Market website, which provides tools for tracking sales and computing the value of Top Shot collections.

On his entry into Crypto and NBA Top Shot

My entry was in the 2017 bubble, I guess. When it was at an all-time high before the recent all-time high. That was kind of my entry and I actually did a hackathon 2017 for ETH Waterloo. And that was the starting point for Cryptokitties. …

Silver Age legend leads comics into the world of NFTs

Argentinian-based comic book artist José Delbo has had an influential career shaping the aesthetic of characters and properties we all know and revere today. As one of the premier contributors during the medium’s formative silver and bronze periods, Delbo spent decades bringing iconic heroes like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman to life. At 87 years young Delbo leads the charge of prolific comic book artists bringing their passion to the blockchain and the world of NFTs. We had a chance to catch up with the trailblazer to discuss his foray into the digital space.

As a legendary comic artist, can you tell us how you came to learn about crypto art and NFTs?

The Cultural Phenomenon Arrives On The Blockchain

The explosive growth of NFT excitement and awareness has brought mainstream celebrities into the fold. Influencers are now joining the fray as well with the ability to leverage their unique reach and powerful calls to action. Social media phenomenon and voice of the people @dudewithsign guy (Seth Phillips) announced his debut NFT series “WTF is an NFT?” to launch this Friday, April 23rd with Origin Protocol.

We had the opportunity to talk with Seth about his approach and perspective as an influencer, meme culture, and NFTs going mainstream.

The dudewithsign account experienced exponential growth over the past 12 months. What role do you think Covid-19, Politics, and Social Issues played in your account’s acceleration?

I think the account has definitely provided some funny perspectives that a…

Farokh Samad is a social media prodigy and founder of goodlife. He has recently been one of the largest proponents of NFTs on Clubhouse, building some of the largest conversations that are bridging the mainstream to NFTs. He sat down with an eager Whaleshark and Whale Community for a lively interview.

WhaleShark: Tell us who is Farokh Samad and your journey with your company goodlife.

Farokh: That’s me. A 26 year-old entrepreneur, social media expert, son, brother, boyfriend and friend to many beautiful souls. That line in my bio [on instagram] is something I came up with over the last…

first 22 weeks of NFT art from lucclop

lucclop is an artist who creates digital art, with 3D models, digital painting and photographs. HeatherHz and the Whale Community sat down with him at a fireside chat to discuss life, art, and NFTs! Here are some excerpts from that interview.

On his Introduction to the Crypto and NFT space

A friend mentioned it, actually. I’ve been doing art for a long time, but a friend of mine mentioned that I should look into it. And as soon as you get your head into it, it’s just so huge. And then once your head’s in there, probably following two thousand people now. Just constantly information. Looking at people’s art…

Hi everyone and welcome back! A lot has happened for the month of March and we wanted to give you the lowdown of events. The space has moved so fast, and so has whale! You can always find our past whale mails to see highlights of months past here:Whale mail 9, Whale mail 8, Whale mail 7, Whale mail 6, Whale mail 5, Whale mail 4, Whale mail 3, Whale mail 2, Whale mail 1

With that out of the way, let’s get this started!

Weekly $WHALE Events

$WHALE Poker

Who doesn’t love poker? And with $WHALE’s ever increasing price, now’s never a…

New Years 2021 by Genuine Human

The Whale Community continues producing a steady stream of interviews with artists and other folks involved with the NFT space. For this interview, Decryptolorian talked with the renowned pixel artist, Genuine Human (whose real name is Jay) about pixel art, creative inspirations, and many other topics. Here are a few excerpts from that interview.


I’m actually a kids media creator, mostly. That is my career. I make cartoons and I direct, and I write, and I produce. So pixel art is very much a kind of second thing. It began just as a hobby, a way to unwind, and really…

Javier Arres is a world-renowned gif artist and a 2019 London Art Biennale winner. Inspired by the sweeping views from his childhood home overlooking his hometown of Motril, Spain, Arrés is known for his manically detailed illustrations of fantastical scenery from cities, architecture and machines. He recently sat down with Annissa and the Whale Community for a chat about his life and art.

Can you tell us about your art background and how you developed your art style?

People think you develop you own style because you are god-touched or something, but it really comes from years of work. I started drawing when I was 11. I was basically a kid artist. I worked for…

1. How would you characterize your art style and the PXLPET project?

The PXLPET project started as a collection of cute pixel art pets with repeating pastel color pallets. My goal was to create an unique art style by using as few pixels as possible. In the beginning the pets only had around 50 to 70 pixels. Maybe that’s also the reason why sometimes people were wondering if they just purchased a pixel cat or a dog. Or if the white bar between the eyes is the nose or the mouth. (haha) But the exact anatomy of the pets wasn’t too important. What was meaningful is that they looked adorable and the…

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