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Alien Worlds burst into the top echelons of WAX Dapps in December of 2020 with their Land sale and release of the basic Mining game.

The WHALE Community sat down with three of the co-founders, Saro, Michael, and Rob, on the eve of the land sale to discuss their game, NFTs, and DAOs in space!

On Their Interest in NFTs and the Blockchain Space

Saro: So our vision is DAOs in space. And there’s a little bit of a kind of rationale as to why we made that move, from being terrestrial DAO builders to being spaced out builders. But that’s the vision behind Alien Worlds and apart from…

Derek Proud is a Game Producer for the popular blockchain card game Gods Unchained. He has previously worked in building consoles games, ranging as far back as the Sega genesis, to PC and mobile games in Australia. He is now a part of the team taking on the challenge to build the next generation of play-to-earn games.

How are you going about building your player base in the blockchain gaming space? And what’s the current new player experience like?

Firstly, we are looking at the barriers to entry and the friction points for new players, and really there are two…

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The world of Crypto art and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is just starting. With lots of innovative ideas and technology, timeless pieces and groundbreaking works are sprouting up faster than anyone can wrap their head around. An era of digital goods has arrived, and the pioneers and collectors are here to stay.
Any new artist or collector trying to navigate this brave new world may find themselves drowning in new information. …

Original article can be found here in Chinese form.

What is the most on trend way to sell NFTs? From the traditional sales listings to British and Dutch auctions, to the well-known open editions and silent auctions as Nifty Gateway entered the scene, every new and innovative sale method can spark off interests in the consumers.

On January 30th, 2021, Boss Logic adopted a new way of selling Nifty Gateway’s artworks — blind boxes.

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These 8 pieces of encrypted artwork are based on well-known characters in Marvel, DC, Star Wars and other IPs. The probability of a painting appearing in…

Alex Pardee is a freelance artist who is probably best known for his work on a number of stunning album covers. But along the way he has also designed and created comic books, launched a web store, and has begun stepping deeper into the online world of NFTs.

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“Burden” by Alex Pardee

The Whale Community had the honor of hosting an interview with Alex where he touched on many subjects, including…

His Origins as an Artist

The short version is that I was always kind of interested in art when I was little. I was always kind of like, doodling Sunday comics and Garfield and that kind of stuff…

Brendan Dawes is a UK-based artist exploring the interaction of objects, people, technology and art using form and code with an eclectic mix of digital and analog materials. He is an author of four books in interaction design and his work is featured in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. It has even been 3D printed on the international space station. He has worked with clients including Airbnb, Google, Twitter, Intel and the Cancer Research UK. …

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Whenever people talk about blockchain games, “Play2Earn” is definitely is the most mentioned word. For sure, blockchain games that allow players to make money directly by playing games has a huge appeal for them,and way easier compared with traditional games. Not to mention, in the blockchain world most people want to make big gains with little effort. They hope to get rich quick with limited initial investment.

In fact, looking back at the early stages of blockchain games, they all relied on unique gameplays to attract players with the assistance of money-making mechanisms that allow players to make money, so…

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We have some unfortunate news before we begin: As we are transitioning over into a more art and learning focused community, trivia night will no longer be a part of our weekly rotation. We apologize for anyone that enjoyed hanging around and playing Jackbox. We hope you can understand.

Bryan Brinkman is an artist with many titles. When he is not filling galleries with pop culture art, or creating wearables and candy shops in the Metaverse, his graphics and animations are lighting up your TVs on Jimmy Fallon and SNL. Over the past year, he has stamped his unique take on art, developed from years of commercial experience, on the blockchain.

He recently popped into the $WHALE server on discord with our very own Decryptolorian to talk about his art and crypto journey.

DC: How did you find out about the Crypto art space?

BB: I was in L.A…

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